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Hang canvas quickly and securely

  • CanvasHangers provide an easy way to secure canvas artwork to drywall 
  • Easy to use - no other hardware needed
  • Mini Level helps hang canvas straight 
  • Metal pins anchor to drywall without large holes
  • Artwork rests flush against the wall and stays firmly in place, even in high traffic areas
  • Can be used with common canvas sizes and holds up to 20 lbs
  • Package size: 6.75 x 3.86 x .75 in (17 x 9.8 x 2 cm)

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Hang a canvas like a pro

CanvasHangers™ are small white brackets that fit in the top corners of a canvas to hang it on the wall securely.
CanvasHangers make it easy to hang any canvas.
Hang it exactly where you want
CanvasHangers™ make it easy to hang one canvas or more to create beautiful displays.
CanvasHangers keep your canvas hanging flush against the wall
Get that professional look
Your canvas hangs flush against the wall for a clean designer look. CanvasHangers™ can hold up to 20 lbs.
CanvasHangers are simple to hang and keep your canvas straight and secure.
Forever straight
The two corner brackets keep your canvas hanging straight, even in high-traffic areas.
CanvasHangers™ work with any size of canvas, big or small.
They hold up to 20 lbs, which is a lot of hanging power considering that the average canvas weighs about 5 lbs.
Hang one or more canvases in minutes – no need for complicated measurements.
Watch this short video to see how it works.
Simply hammer the corner brackets in and then push your canvas in the wall to hang it.
Hang it right the first time
Place a CanvasHanger™ in each top corner and secure by hammering the outer pins into the frame. Next, find the right spot on the wall and push the entire canvas into place. That's it!

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Customer Reviews

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Good product

I purchased these to hang a painting. They work well but I ended up having to use 5 of them (4 across the top and one on the bottom) in order to anchor it properly even though it was under 20lbs. They would be ok for smaller canvases but for larger ones you definelty need more than 2. It would be better if the spikes were a bit longer. The company should think about having different options in that regard.

As easy as advertised

Very efficient; everything went exactly as was told; very good product.